Keeping cool with a nice cooling device

I have my little fan on me while I write these stories.

I have a nice relaxing office, which is a far cry from the corporate world I used to work in when I was an engineer, and I am so happy not to be working in that stuffy environment anymore with all those type A personality engineers and bosses.

I can work at my own speed here, in my pajamas if I want, and it is so calm and relaxing it almost doesn’t feel like I am working at all. I listen to some calm music while writing HVAC system stories about air con systems and gas heating devices. I never would have guessed that I would be working overseas in my own flat in my pajamas without a boss breathing down my neck. I used to be a local contractor running my own HVAC company and was working so many hours I had no time to do anything else but come home and sleep. I would get home some nights, well most nights, at 8:30pm when the sun was down and would have zero energy to do anything but eat and go to sleep. I would run my air conditioning system and make my room really cold so I could sleep well and wake up rested for another day of heating and cooling work for the local business I was running. Now I am a musician in a band over here in Europe making songs and having a blast doing so. Chase those dreams while they are heating up.



Dual fuel system

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