How air quality systems function and how to make them more efficient

Have you ever gone into any room and immediately noticed a change in the quality of air? Well, then it took me a while to realize that the cause of this difference is a very significant unit, the air quality system.

An HVAC professional friend of mine very clearly explained how these systems work, how they are beneficial to us, and also how to enhance their efficiency.

I had only the HVAC zone control unit in my house and it came with filters that sieve out all the contaminants. Little did I know that is not enough. The air purification systems are solely designed to clean out the air circulating within our surroundings. This promotes the air quality and health of all people living in the house. Part of the local homeowner solution services included HVAC installations and air duct cleaning services which enhance the function of these units. As they provided these services, they also educated the homeowners like me on the importance of duct cleaning to enhance the function of these amazing systems. The HVAC tech explained that these systems work by cleaning all the air that flows through the HVAC duct thus producing clean and fresh air. These systems are basically air purifiers. Cleaning the vents regularly will promote the function of your unit drastically. You are only required to repeat the process once every 1 to 2 years. Since the process is quite cumbersome, only a qualified expert can perform it. The function of these systems is also boosted by clean filters which are required from any HVAC provider. Remember that a bad functioning unit can affect your temperature control.

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The importance of duct cleaning to your health

When you notice that your family has health issues especially whenever you are in the house then the culprit is almost always a dirty HVAC duct.

Dirty vents carry dirty air all through the house and this is the same air you and your family breathe which can be detrimental to your health with time.

I noticed that my children would get sick each time they were in the house. A call to the HVAC tech confirmed my theory. He recommended that in addition to the zone control system already in my house, It would be great if I added an air purification system. The HVAC professional explained that the air quality systems functioned by sieving all the impurities and pollutants in the air within the house. All the pet dander, dust, and dirt would be cleansed from the air thus significantly improving the air quality within the house. This would mean that the air we would be breathing would be clean thus promoting our health. However, to maintain the indoor quality of air, the experts explained that I would have to schedule air duct cleaning services at least every one to two years. Regular duct cleaning would promote clean air which would help with our health and also assist with the proper function of the air purifier unit. These units, however, did not come with a temperature control device as they did not need it. The homeowner solutions company advised that if I had fitted the unit during the initial HVAC installation, then it would have really helped keep down the allergy flare-ups. I would get a set of filters from the HVAC provider and replace them in order to keep the vents clean.


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Does your home need an HVAC zone control system?

When my sister came to visit last fall, she pointed out something about my house that I had noticed in the three months that I had lived in the house.

My sister was sleeping in the guest bedroom at the far end of the hallway on the first floor of the house.

She was complaining that she had a long night because the guest room was very cold and the bathroom was even colder. After furnishing the guest room, I never went in there and that’s why I never knew the issue. Being an HVAC professional, my sister explained that I needed an HVAC zone control unit. Since it was fall and my allergies were acting up, she added that an air purification system would help ease up the allergies when I was in the house. We called up the local HVAC provider and ordered an air quality system. These units would help to clean out the air and enhance the air quality within the house. After the HVAC installation was done, I noticed a drastic improvement in the temperature in the guest bedroom and bathroom. These new systems allowed me to use temperature control and set varying temperatures for the top and bottom floors. The HVAC tech, upon noticing my endless sneezing, recommended that I invest in scheduling quality air duct cleaning services. This process included duct cleaning the HVAC ducts plus some of the components of the unit. To keep everything in check, I scheduled annual tune-ups for my unit with the homeowner solutions company downtown. The rest of the visit from my sister went well and it was a lot of fun. At least now she could sleep soundly and warmly all through the night.

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The importance of an air purifier in this decade

After the year 2020, we are all very apprehensive about our surroundings, be it at home, in the office, or in social buildings. No one needs to explain to us the importance of having clean air circulate within our homes. To promote this, there are great air purification systems in the market today. These systems have air purifiers installed to clean out impurities and pollutants that are in the air circulating within our homes and offices. With the global pandemic still looming over us, we need to maintain the air quality within our surroundings. The only way we can achieve this is when we schedule regular air duct cleaning services. Duct cleaning involves removing fluff, debris, dirt, and dust from the HVAC duct so that the air circulating is cleaned. An HVAC tech usually cleans other components of the unit during the cleaning process. Sometimes when there are contaminants trapped in the vents, they can be carried into other components damaging the HVAC zone control system. The temperature control device might also malfunction due to the dirt within the system. Homeowner solutions recommend that you install air quality systems during HVAC installation to promote the indoor quality of air. A great piece of advice I got last summer from my local HVAC provider is to ensure I change the filters regularly as a process of improving the quality of air within the house. He also pointed out that I did not need an HVAC professional to have the filters changed. The process was pretty straightforward. Even though these systems cannot fully protect you from Covid-19, they can definitely lower the risk of contracting it. They can improve your health and reduce respiratory inflammation.
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The best air duct cleaning services in the state

When I first came up with the idea to set up my own business, the process seemed very daunting to me.

  • My mentor was, however, very helpful in giving me pointers.

He had worked with the air quality systems for a very long time, thus he knew all the ins and outs of the business. From my research, I determined that many of the residents had no idea why the air quality in their homes was deteriorating every day. Some residents complained that their air purification systems did not last long and they kept grappling with numerous repairs. The air duct cleaning business that I was setting up would take care of cleaning all the gunk and pollutants from the HVAC duct. I would recommend to the residents to ensure that the duct cleaning is done at least every one to two years. I also trained several HVAC professionals to help handle the already overwhelming cleaning requests that were coming in. My homeowner solutions business took off from the start with numerous customers contacting us. We became popular fast because of the quality services we were provided. Our HVAC techs were receiving great reviews since they also matched the reputation of the business. Within a few years, we expanded our services to include HVAC installation and HVAC provider for different air purifiers. We also included services involving installing HVAC zone control systems and replacing plus fixing temperature control devices within homes and commercial businesses. We knew that we were doing the right thing when we won the best company in the state awards for four years consecutively. When I first started my business, this is exactly what I envisioned. Since then, we have grown to a couple of other states doing what we love, our specialty.


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An air purifier for my hotel room

Hotel rooms and suites are among the great pleasures in the hospitality industry.

Everything is just a call away provided you have the right amount of money to pay for these exemplary services.

I was attending a workshop and I was being sponsored by a big company which spared no expense when it came to my accommodation during the four-day workshop. I was placed in an executive suite that was very beautiful and spacious. The only problem I had with the room was that there was a lingering scent that did not seem to go away and I immediately started sneezing. I called for housekeeping and they assured me that they would bring an air purification system in the suite to try and salvage the situation. True to their word an hour after they had brought an air purifier the suite was much more bearable. This gave me the idea of looking into various types of air quality systems from my local HVAC provider for my home because I had severe allergies and anything to improve indoor air quality would be a big help. The HVAC zone control system I had did its best when it came to temperature control and air filtering but the added help would save me allergy medication. The HVAC tech from the homeowner solutions business had advised me to get air duct cleaning which I did and I had to admit the duct cleaning had improved the indoor air. It seemed the HVAC duct was circulating a lot of dust in the house. When I got back home I was going to schedule a consultation with the HVAC professional in other ways to improve and care for my HVAC installation.


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A holiday vacation that came in the way of air duct cleaning

Last holiday my son made a comment about how crazy it would be if one could not have access to the internet and when I told him that back when I was growing up there was no such thing as the internet he said that they must have been some dark times.

In comparison to the way the world is now, they can be termed as dark days.

That conversation gave me an idea about where we would be spending our holiday vacation. My family and a friend’s family set out to this home that was situated in a somewhat deserted place and the best part was that it was off the grid. We would have no internet, no electricity and there was no phone reception in the house. My husband was a bit concerned about the HVAC installation in the house, but I assured him that the house had a zone control system for temperature control and it was powered by gas. He also asked if they had air quality systems in place such as an air purifier. The house had an air purification system to maintain high air quality but the place was surrounded by miles of trees and vegetation. There was also a wood-burning fireplace in the house. There was a contact list for emergencies and among them an HVAC provider, but I doubted we would need the services of an HVAC professional while we were there. It reminded me that I had to call our local homeowner solutions business and postpone the air duct cleaning that I had scheduled. When I was planning for the vacation I had completely forgotten about having scheduled an appointment with an HVAC tech for duct cleaning and HVAC duct insulation.


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Air quality systems for a beach house

A trip to the beach especially after you have had a rough period at work is a very welcome distraction.

A friend had suggested going to her beach house and I jumped on the opportunity.

But we had to make a stop at the local HVAC provider because she wanted to buy one of those air quality systems for her beach house. When she told me this I did not understand because as far as I was concerned one did not need an air purifier if one lived along the beach. The ocean was all the air purification system a homeowner would need but I later found out there are different types of systems that enhanced indoor air quality and comfort and we were getting a dehumidifier for her house. As my friend was talking to the HVAC tech I went through some of the pamphlets that belonged to the homeowner solutions service business. It had a list of services that they offered and one that caught my eye was air duct cleaning. I had never thought of duct cleaning for my HVAC installation and if I was, to be honest, I never gave much thought to the HVAC duct. Maybe it was about time I took better care of the HVAC zone control system that I had because for me as long as it did its work of temperature control, I did not give much thought to it. But at the moment, I couldn’t wait to get to the beach and put my toes in the sand and get a tan. All I was going to think about was relaxing and drinking mimosas for the next three days that I would be staying at the beach and not about how I was going to contact an HVAC professional.

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How often is too often to contact an HVAC tech

If you are constantly having to contact an HVAC professional for constant repairs then it might be time to replace your HVAC installation. It might be that your heating equipment is approaching the end of its lifespan especially if it is over thirteen years. No matter the number of times you have air duct cleaning if it is the heating and cooling equipment that has a problem it will not be of much help. Duct cleaning only cleans the HVAC duct and the other conduits but will not do much for equipment if it is beyond repair. Last week I visited the dentist and came across the HVAC provider truck in the parking lot. The HVAC tech had come to replace the existing system with a new HVAC zone control system. They had also invested in air quality systems. They have an air purification system which at first I thought was an air purifier but it turns out it was an air scrubber. This would explain the high indoor air quality in the clinic. The temperature control of the old system was more on the cool side but it was never uncomfortable. On the two occasions I had brought her here, my niece complained that it was too cold but I attributed it to nerves since the indoor environment never bothered me and I had been there several times. I also noticed that it was the same homeowner solutions company that had done my heat pump repair last month. Their repairmen were very professional and very good at their work. I do not know of a single person that sought their services and had complaints about their work.

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Did you know that your HVAC did more than temperature control?

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system does more than temperature control to help you with indoor comfort.

The HVAC installation ensures that conditions such as temperature and humidity are regulated.

But if you live in a place where the levels of humidity are higher than usual you may want to look into other air quality systems such as a dehumidifier to improve indoor comfort or an air purification system to improve air quality in your home. An air purifier will remove smoke, airborne bacteria, and unpleasant gases. It is not often that we think about the HVAC duct but that too can greatly influence our indoor comfort. If the conduits are full of dirt and debris it will affect our indoor air and therefore having a duct cleaning is something you have to look into if you want to fully care for your HVAC zone control system or any other type of system you may have. Luckily air duct cleaning is not something that you are required to do often unlike maintenance where you have to get an HVAC tech to do it annually or twice a year. With this, you can wait up to five years before you can contact an HVAC professional for this particular service. You can get this equipment from your local HVAC provider, or order from any website including amazon. The online platform gives you a chance to compare the prices from different sellers and you can get a rough estimate of how much a particular piece of equipment will cost. With this, you can save for it and then have it delivered to your doorstep by a homeowner solutions serviceman.



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