Time for my hot water heater bath

Jeez, just a month ago I had about $14K with my stock and today it is worth just $5k. I would never want to be a full time trader as it is way too much stress for me. I don’t know how those clowns on Wall Street do it every day in that busy office where everyone is screaming at the stock prices and whatnot. I like to keep life simple and it seems the less money I have the more simple life is. As long as I have the things I need then I am totally content. HVAC cooling and heating is one thing that I need for happiness, along with a nice quiet flat and a couple little cats sleeping on an air purifier. I was an engineer back 30 years ago but I found it to be too complicated and lacking fun. Now I am a musician and work about 15 hours a week, then the rest of the time is spent making new songs and entertaining people. It is a much more exciting life than working for the local contractor making HVAC equipment in a big factory with no windows. I would come home after a long day of work and not have any energy left to do anything else but eat dinner and watch TV. I was building heat pumps for big commercial clients and making air purifiers for airports and large buildings. There was a lot of paperwork and meetings that came with that job and also a lot of hours each week spent in a place that rivals a prison.


Heating and cooling equipment

A short song and a fast space heater

I sound totally nuts in the songs our band makes, oh my gosh.

Sometimes I wonder if I am losing my mind or something, with the crazy stuff I do when we play songs.

But I guess you need to push the limits, and try to reach into places that you have never gone before, to see what comes out of it. A lot of my music comes from the pain in my life, but I try to turn it into joy somehow so that it makes other people happy. I did this with comedy in local businesses for 15 years, but I grew tired of playing in climate controlled places and wanted to switch things up and play music outside in the streets. Comedy in the streets doesn’t go over so well, but music seems to work very well and we also make some decent money playing. The HVAC tech at the HVAC business told us that if we keep on improving like we have been the past year that we will hit the bigtime in less than two years. I don’t know about that but I do like singing and playing drums in the band, so let’s see what happens. As long as we have a fireplace or heating during the winters I can play year round, and in the summertime a good portable a/c system outside would help keep us cool in those beach bars that are going to pay us well to perform. I am pretty excited about summer coming and all the tourists coming into town.
Help with indoor comfort

Keeping my cool working on heating systems

I am almost done with my workday and it is only 1:30pm, which means I get more time to meditate and do yoga.

I also have to go to the fruit stand and get a bunch of apples and other fruits.

It will be an easy night too because I will just do a short workout with my friend and then go watch the sunset on the pier and relax. Tonight I will probably watch some documentary about the sea with my cats and chill out in my little office. I will be comfortable with my heating device keeping us all warm while we snuggle under some blankets beside the air purifier. I like to watch things about nature, and documentaries are cool because I usually learn something from watching them. I sometimes watch infomercials about HVAC equipment and hot water heaters, but that can get kind of boring, so I like to put in a good nature flick sometimes too. Tomorrow is Friday and I need to get to bed early tonight because we will be playing music for a few hours next to the church. The local business near the church is going to pay us to do a show in two more weeks, which is nice because they have a fireplace next to the stage heating the performers while they bear their hearts to the audience. It should be a great show and if it goes well, which it will, they will pay us more and have us do a show there every week. Life is great and getting better.


Air quality systems

Having fun working on cooling devices

I went to the bank and got my account fixed and I am so relieved now, as there had been a few months of problems with my account but now it is fixed and all is well again.

I am going to write two more articles and then I am doing my little yoga session followed by an hour of meditation in front of a sand timer.

I put the hourglass in front of me and sit for an hour while I meditate and watch the sand pass through the glass as I empty my mind over and over. Heating pumps through the HVAC system as I quietly learn patience and quiet my mind, which creates a better life in the end as patience is pretty much needed all of the time in life. Patience helps when doing HVAC equipment work when things aren’t going as planned, and it also helps when carrying a heavy heat pump up a bunch of stairs in a building that has no elevator. I have been meditating for about 15 years and I have noticed that I am not only more patient but I am not as angry as I used to be. My cooling tech friend helped me get into meditation while we worked at the HVAC business doing ductwork sales and service for clients in town. Now I do it every day and it is like brushing my teeth with the good habit I got into with meditation and I have my friend to thank. If I didn’t do HVAC equipment work at that local business I may never have started.



Heating technology

Air purifiers and fat cats

The HVAC rep who gave me the cats told me to not feed them too much as we worked on this heating device one day, but I forgot what he said and now I am stuck with a fat cat

I had to put Mr Fatcat on a diet recently because I noticed he is gaining too much weight. I have two cats and the male cat is a hog and eats all of the food, saving very little for his sister who is now too skinny. So I have put Fatcat on a diet now and he isn’t very happy about it. He is always waiting next to the food bowl and meowing when I walk by. But he needs to lose some weight because he is just getting too plump. The local business where I got the food told me to not feed them too much because some cats like Fatcat will just keep eating all day long. Now he sits on the air purifier and waits for me to walk by the food bowl and feed him, but it isn’t happening like he wants. He has a very cute meow, sounding like a little kitten and not a cat, and it makes me smile when I hear it. The HVAC rep who gave me the cats told me to not feed them too much as we worked on this heating device one day, but I forgot what he said and now I am stuck with a fat cat. I think after a few weeks he will lose most of the blubber and then I can start feeding him a bit more food. I will go to the heating dealership today and grab an a/c and furnace filter for my HVAC system, and then I will feed Fatcat tonight when I’m back.


air conditioning provider

Bank in an hour for some heating

I am going to the bank soon to sort some stuff out with my account and I think I’ll bring some tunes with me while I wait.

It could be a half hour wait till my turn and having some good music would help the time pass quicker.

I could also bring my iPad and do some writing work while I am there so it isn’t a total waste. I have to pay my rent in the next three days and need to pay it from this account, which I am having trouble with so I need their help. The heating in the bank is really good so it makes it a little nicer when you sit by their heating device and stay warm. It won’t be a big deal doing the bank trip today, and the toughest part is just walking down there from my flat. I saw a sign on the street of a furnace filter for sale by someone and I am going to check it out because my HEPA filter in my unit is shot and needs to be replaced. I don’t know how much money they are asking for the thing but I assume it will be cheaper than buying a new one from the store. The HVAC business near me has a sale on them too, but I want to take a look at this used one to see what kind of shape it is in and if it is a HEPA filter. I am off now to the bank and then to check out that filter, see ya.


gas furnace

Time for more ductwork repairs

I saw some buddies on the beach and life is good here in this little sleepy village.

  • I like living in a small town because you don’t get lost in a sea of strangers every time you go out for a walk.

Here you can go out of your flat and within a few minutes you’ll see many people you know or recognize and you don’t feel so alone like you can in some big cities. I am honing my skills in the band here and just living life, a very simple life I must add too. Space heater repairs keep me busy with my little local business where we sell and fix all kinds of furnaces and heating devices for the locals in town. Today will be a fun day with Bad Endings getting together to make some new songs for the town folks here. We will play near this big HVAC system beside the local business where we jam and record. I will have to go there first on my bike before my bandmate comes to make sure the spot is empty, and if it is then we will bring our gear and set it up to do a long recording session. The local contractor in town may come out and play bass guitar, which would be great because our songs are heating up and we need a bass to fill the bottom in. My keyboard buddy will be here in two months and then we will be set with our sound because he can make bass guitar sounds as well.

Cooling industry

A couple more heating technology stories

I like working as a cooling technician, along with playing in the band, because it gets me around some cool people while I work on their HVAC systems in their homes

I will work for ten more minutes and then I have to eat something before I pass out. I like a nice Pink Lady apple with some kefir in the morning to wake me up and fuel me for a while for the morning. I want to see how busy it is out there on the streets because yesterday was quite slow in our town for the month of June already being here. I bet a lot of people will come visit today because yesterday was a bit gray and rainy and it was pretty slow most of the day. Air conditioning is now a must pretty much all the time because the heat is now here, and air purification is also needed because there is a lot of pollen floating around from the oak trees that are blooming. I also take some allergy pills to combat my allergies but I don’t like to rely on them too much each day. I’d rather run my new HVAC air purifying system to keep the indoor air quality good in this flat. I am listening to our new songs and they make me smile while I am typing because they are kind of funny yet still sound pretty darn cool I must say. I like working as a cooling technician, along with playing in the band, because it gets me around some cool people while I work on their HVAC systems in their homes. I also get to tell people about our band and spread the word about the new sound we are making.



Cooling corporation

Ready for some cold climate control

Working online this morning is a bit slow with my brain being in a fog from a heavy night of sleep.

Either that or my brain is sleepy from not sleeping enough, but I am not sure which it is so I will have to wait a bit and wake up first to tell.

Sometimes I sleep very well and wake up still dopey from being in such a deep sleep, while other nights I toss and turn and wake up feeling dopey as well. I hope it is the former because I need energy later for drumming. Working on the fireplace last night kept me up kind of late, but I want it not for heating the flat but for some nice ambiance when my HVAC rep lady comes over tomorrow. She has been away working in another town and we haven’t seen each other for almost a week now. She was working on some furnace issues with one of our commercial HVAC customers and it took longer than she expected. It is funny how you get used to living with someone and when they are gone you feel a bit lost and lonely. But she’ll be here tomorrow in front of the fireplace with me eating some dinner and enjoying the natural climate control of the breeze that passes through our flat each night. It won’t be long though before that breeze is gone and the real heat comes in, which warrants the use of our main HVAC system to keep us cool for the hot summer season. It should be a fun one though.

Air conditioner installation

Keeping cool with good air con

I am plowing through my Sunday workday, a day when most people are reading the paper or chilling out on a beach somewhere.

But I work seven days a week and prefer it this way because it gives me structure each day and has a momentum of its own that makes it easy to repeat each day.

I woke up kind of early this morning with music going through my mind, which is pretty much the MO every morning and night when I am sleeping, or trying to. I guess music isn’t such a bad thing, but good climate control is a great thing in my room as my air conditioner keeps me cool and comfy so I can rest the best. I know that a cold sea swim is just around the corner and will wake me up quickly once I plop my warm body in the cold water. Then I’ll come back to my climate control and my work and knock it out in another hour in my office with its new ductwork system. We just had the ducts run to my office, which didn’t have any before, but it has been getting too hot in there to work so I got the duct installed recently. Now I have good heating and air in the office as well as the rest of the flat, keeping us all comfy with good indoor air quality. I have to get the unit serviced this coming month because it hasn’t been touched in a few years I bet. The HVAC tech is really good if it’s the same one as before.

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