An air conditioning appointment with a pastor

I had just finished installing a thermostat in a neighborhood nearby, which was the only task I had scheduled today.

I intended to have the rest of the day off to celebrate my son’s birthday and catch up on some much-needed family time. My son is our only child at this point, though we’re trying for more, and we dote on him a lot. On my way home, I was called by my pastor, which was a bit surprising. He graciously asked if I could spare some time to take a look at his air conditioner, and see if it needed repair. He further explained that cooling was not even throughout the rooms of his house, which made him suspect something was wrong with the air conditioning unit. He knew I worked as a cooling specialist when I was part of the crew that did the air conditioning upgrade in the church just a few years ago. I helped him decide what cooling system might be best for the church. In the end, he was able to make an informed decision. He opted for a zone control system for the church. Certain rooms wouldn’t be used during services, so I had suggested that this was the way to go. I also custom-tailored for him the perfect air conditioning tune-up plan, including air conditioning filter replacements. The modern cooling device we installed used top of the line cooling technology. As for the current task at hand, I informed him that my schedule was all tied up for the day. However, I would be available the very next day.

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Learning more about air conditioning to catch someone's interest

There’s this woman who frequents the coffee shop that I spend a lot of time in just about every day.

I found her very attractive, but I hadn’t approached her yet.

One day, however, I saw my chance. I overheard her having a conversation with a friend in the next booth about how she desperately needed her air conditioner fixed. It took me until the point that she was walking out, but I finally approached her and introduced myself. I apologized for eavesdropping on her conversation, but I revealed that I was an HVAC technician who might be able to help her with her unit. It was a lie. I had a novice level of knowledge about HVAC at best, having done a little research and watched carefully and asked questions whenever I had an appointment with an HVAC technician. The other time was when I was at a friend’s house when she had her entire HVAC system updated. I almost wish I hadn’t offered my help, knowing so little, but I was a man on a mission. I set out to learn more about air conditioning and had three days to do it. I called a neighbor who works in the air conditioning business and probed him with endless questions. The more I talked with him, the more I realized that HVAC work was quite complicated, and I began to worry that I would not be able to truly assist this woman. I tried listening intently and taking notes, but at the end of the conversation, I felt like I had learned very little. There was only so much that I could grasp. In the end, my HVAC technician neighbor volunteered to help me once I revealed why I had called him. When the day came, my crush discovered that her HVAC system only needed a slight tune up. We had a pleasant conversation. I got her number, and we will have our first date a week from now!

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Being in denial about how exhausting our business needed modern cooling equipment

Through my research, I discovered more about air conditioning, and I was sure no amount of maintenance or repairs would help

I started an eatery two years ago. The dishes are authentic cuisine native to my country. It is my way of sharing my culture with the locals in my town. I recently had complications with the air conditioner at my restaurant and called in for air conditioning repair. I also decided it would be best to have them install a modern thermostat and get the air conditioner filter switched out with a fresh one. I thought the cooling technician had solved the problem, however, I noticed I was still having issues a few days later. The air quality was good, and I even had patrons comment on how the air in the restaurant was cool and fresh. It seems the filter was doing a great job, however something was still off. I called another cooling specialist to come and inspect the air conditioning unit, and he was kind enough to make an evening visit after working hours. Part of me knew the problem, however I was still hoping I was wrong. You see, the last HVAC technician had mentioned that, more than likely, I would need to replace the entire system in order to get the amount of cooling necessary for the entire building. I had even started looking at different cooling products using the latest cooling technology, however the price was really going to hurt my bank account. Don’t get me wrong, business was good, but I really didn’t want to have to shell out the cash for an entirely new HVAC system. Through my research, I discovered more about air conditioning, and I was sure no amount of maintenance or repairs would help. The new HVAC tech told me everything I expected him to say, but I had already resigned myself to that fate. I made arrangements with the air conditioning business to install a brand new HVAC system.

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A rodent in the undefined

I was wiping the flour from my hands when I saw Ira.

I finished preparing our orders for the day.

Ira is my bestie, however we are opposites. Ira would not know what to do with an oven, even with the most simple of orders. But I enjoy baking so much that I turned it into a side business. One time, Ira moved into my house because she claimed there was a rat in her air conditioner system. Even after the a/c rep assured her that her system had a mechanical issue and that is why it was producing the unnerving noise, she was still afraid. Ira went ahead and called a different air conditioning business. The other HVAC guy made inquiries about things she may have noticed since she called, saying she may need maintenance. It was then that she realized that the noise had indeed stopped. She finally agreed that it was an air conditioning tune up that she needed. The whole time I was trying so hard not to burst out into laughter. When the HVAC technician looked over the system, he mentioned that it was one of the cleanest and most efficient that he’d ever come across, and it only needed simple repairs. I remember when she had first moved into her home. She had asked me to accompany her as she went shopping for the best possible HVAC system she could find. I knew there was nothing majorly wrong with her HVAC system after only a year. I also knew there were certainly no rodents scurrying around in the ductwork!

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The perks of having a cooling specialist for a friend

My friend Steven bought a multiple-acre piece of land with a creek running through it.

It was also beside a forest.

The only disadvantage to this piece of land is that it is far from civilization. The closest hospital was miles away, and so was HVAC repair businesses. The few residents in the area get their HVAC service and products from HVAC dealers from the nearby town. It is usually a long process, as the purchasers have to wait for up to a week to receive their HVAC device or get an appointment with a technician! Steven called me the other month complaining that he was not enjoying summer because his heat pump wasn’t working as efficiently. I happen to be an HVAC expert. Steven consults me when it comes to matters of heating and cooling technology. He explained the few issues he noticed about the unit. Steven hadn’t yet called in for a heat pump tune-up, since he moved into the house, and it had been well over a year. The only thing he had done in terms of climate control system care was replace the filters. Steven had yet to call an HVAC rep to take care of the rest. Since my family and I were planning to visit him that weekend, he told me to bring along my toolset so that I could help him repair it. He could afford to wait for my visit. When I eventually got there, I got to work right after brunch. I was relieved that the system required minor repairs, and then it was working like new. I took it upon myself to teach Steven and his family more about heating and air conditioning so that they could take better care of the system.


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No hope for the old heat pump

My daughter has been suffering from flared up allergy symptoms for the past few weeks.

  • We recently moved into an old, colonial style house.

Because of this and a few other reasons, I knew I needed to start with a few renovations. The air conditioner, for one, just simply did not work. I decided to contact an a/c rep to check if there was any hope of restoring the unit. I contacted the HVAC business to schedule a much-needed air conditioning tune-up. I was really hoping this old system would work, because the house needed a lot of other projects, and purchasing another heating and cooling device would slow down the process in terms of finances. The news from the technician that the HVAC system was nowhere near salvageable left me brokenhearted. The tech concluded that no amount of maintenance work would revive the unit. The specialist provided me with a list of potential replacements to choose from that use the latest heating and cooling technology. I was not looking forward to buying a brand new HVAC system, however, I had no choice. After a series of questions, I decided on the unit I wanted. The tech was quite kind and helpful, and showed me the best air filter for our system. I really needed to have that conversation with the HVAC specialist. Besides learning more about heating and air, I also realized that trying to complete all the necessary renovations on the house at one time would not be possible. I had to tackle a single project at a time. Some of these projects I could do on my own; others would require professional assistance. In the end, though it would be complicated, it was worth it to me for the orchard that came with the house along with all the land our children could play on


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Decluttering for a modern a/c

I am like a ferret when it comes to hoarding things, and every year or two, I have to reorganize my condo to get rid of things I rarely or never use! Last year, the purpose of me cleaning up and throwing certain things away was not just creating more space and having a more organized house.

I also decided to sell as much of that clutter as I could in a garage sale in order to save up some money for a new HVAC system. According to the cooling specialist I talked to at the air conditioning business, the modern cooling products would help with indoor comfort and help me to be more comfortable than ever! When I decided I wanted to upgrade to modern heating and cooling technology, There were two kinds of HVAC systems that I could choose from, but the HVAC expert helped me to decide between these two. The HVAC upgrade process was a day’s work, and I had three different HVAC technicians working inside and outside the house. I was very glad that I would no longer have to deal with a faulty HVAC system. The techs calculated the heating and cooling loads which considered our home’s location, age, size, and building materials. They also checked the HVAC ductwork and determined if we would need to update the existing duct plan or replace it with a new one. Lucky for us, replacing the ductwork wasn’t necessary because the ducts were in wonderful condition. I eventually decided on a heat pump because it would both heat and cool our home. It was a learning experience for me, and the more about HVAC I heard, the better I understood the system.


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An air conditioning malfunction at the school gym

Being a gym instructor is not what I would call a lifelong dream.

However, I am thankful for my job.

I ended up very much involved with and enjoying my work. Being a physical education instructor means that most of our classes are outside or in the gymnasium, and of course it means that I end up staying fit as well. Yesterday, as I was preparing for my next class, I noticed that the school gym was too hot, which did not bother me too much, because the kids still wanted to get their physical activities in and didn’t mind sweating. After the class, I checked the thermostat, and I saw that it was set too high. Every time I reset the settings of the air conditioning unit, it would lapse, and the temperatures would start rising again. The strange thing was that it was only two years prior that we had replaced our entire HVAC system with a new and more advanced model. The air conditioning expert had advocated cooling products that use the best cooling technology and were more energy efficient. When I noticed the apparent malfunction, I called the air conditioning business to send a tech to repair our system. The HVAC company responded quickly, the cooling specialist conducted an air conditioning tune-up, and the whole system ran efficiently again. It turns out that biannual maintenance would have prevented this problem. Another thing the cooling specialist did for us that we should have done a long time ago was replace the air filters. Since I oversaw the technician’s work, l learned more about air conditioning that day.



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Tips on how to prolong your HVAC system’s lifespan

Have you ever wondered whether or not it’s possible to prolong the life of your HVAC system? Heating and cooling devices do not come cheap, and if there is any way to make them serve you longer and run optimally, then it’s a no-brainer to give it a shot. Speaking with an HVAC expert on the subject matter of getting an upgrade is time-consuming, and the longer you can avoid it, the better. Better to get the most life out of your current system, but negligence will significantly impact your wallet. For this reason, your HVAC rep will advise you to schedule an annual HVAC tune-up to ensure your system will run smoothly throughout the year and an annual check-up mitigates wear and tear. In some instances, an HVAC specialist may advocate you to opt for more advanced HVAC technology, because the more advanced the technology, the more energy-efficient it is and the better it functions. The more you ask around and research and get professional advice, the better you get to know how to properly take care of your HVAC system, which will of course help prolong its lifespan. It may seem simple, but I can tell you that the most important part of HVAC maintenance is something you can do yourself: replace the air filter on a regular basis. The number of times you may need repair is a lot less when you are taking regular care of the HVAC system. It is why faithful care will save you money.



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Wrong settings on the cooling device almost ruined our son's cake

My daughter wanted to bake a birthday cake for her mother.

  • She’s quite young, but she’s still very talented when it comes to baking and she’s very interested in pastry making in general.

The trouble with making the cake came when there was hardly any room in the fridge to let the frosting cool. She had the great idea of simply leaving the cake on the counter and turning down the thermostat. We have a ductless heating system which is zone controlled, so it is possible to change the temperature in single rooms. Unfortunately, instead of decreasing the temperature in the kitchen independent of the rest of the house, she increased It on accident because we were in a rush to leave for lunch. We only went out to grab a quick bite to eat, and we were back at the house within thirty minutes. When we returned, my daughter saw the cake, and almost cried. I told her there might be a way to help fix the cake. She insisted that there might be something wrong with the HVAC system, because she thought she had set the temperature lower, when she in fact set it higher. After a close inspection of the thermostat, I assured her that an air conditioning repair was unnecessary because nothing was wrong with the HVAC equipment. The incident served as a reminder that it was time for a general maintenance check up on our HVAC system, so I scheduled an appointment. The a/c rep provided me with a few suggestions, including the latest cooling technology. I was quite convinced by her pitch, and it may very well be that I will be buying a new HVAC system soon as it has been several years that we’ve had our old equipment.



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