Sitting through long meeting

It’s drafty, and I switch between being freezing cold and swelteringly hot.

As a part of the campus where I work, it’s often difficult to find out important information regarding my employment. This seems to be an issue across campus, and there’s no good resolution to the problem, since HR is too large to help everyone and the information they’re allowed to pass out is pretty hit or miss. As such, I joined the council for academic professionals, in order to hear news faster than everyone else. The only downside is having to sit through a 3 hour meeting every month in which the air conditions are imminently horrible. I guess it’s because we meet in an old building, but the HVAC system is totally screwed up. It’s either boiling hot, or freezing cold, and not related to the outdoor air conditions at all. The air temperature seems totally dysregulated, and the air vents are disturbing to my personal comfort, no matter where I sit. In the winter I feel like it wildly varies between the furnace working at full steam, or no heating taking place at all. It’s drafty, and I switch between being freezing cold and swelteringly hot. In the summer, the air conditioner is extremely overwhelming at some points, and then seems to turn off entirely other times. I cannot figure out if they are constantly toying with the thermostat, or if the HVAC system is really so old that it can’t maintain a consistent air temperature. Regardless, it makes for an incredibly long 3 hour meeting when the air quality is wildly fluctuating.

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