My office at work is so hot

My office at work is so hot.

  • I don’t know why my office is the only office in the entire building that is really warm, but it is.

It makes me so miserable some days. I walked into my office yesterday morning, and it was over eighty-five degrees in there. I ended up taking off my cute dressy jacket and just wearing my sleeveless shirt. It was simply too hot to look professional. I told my manager about the issue in my office, and she said that they have always had issues with that room getting too warm. She said that it is because the office is rather large and there is only one HVAC vent in there. There is not much that they can do. I am almost tempted to ask if I can bring a window air conditioning unit from my house and use it in the window of my office. I don’t know if I would be allowed to bring an air conditioner in to use, but it is worth asking in my option. I meant to actually ask my manager yesterday if I could bring an air conditioner in, but I forgot. I need to figure out something because I have noticed that I don’t work quite as quickly when I am sweating to death in my office because the air conditioning doesn’t get to it very well. My manager mentioned that she was going to contact an HVAC company and see if there was something that we could possibly do to add some more HVAC vents, but I doubt that she will actually do that because it would be expensive. I just need some more AC in my office.



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