My house is nice and cool now

My house is nice and cool now.

I was finally able to get my air conditioner fixed.

It took almost a month to get it fixed. Apparently, it is the time of year where everyone’s air conditioners break. I called my local HVAC company a month ago and tried to schedule a time for them to come out and fix my air conditioner, but they were booked for almost four weeks. I tried calling another HVAC company that was about fifty miles south of my house, and they were also booked for quite awhile. I decided to wait for my local HVAC company to be able to come and fix my air conditioner. After almost four weeks of waiting in my hot house, they were finally able to come and fix my air conditioner. I have never been so happy to see an HVAC technician as I was that day. It was amazing to finally feel my air conditioner turn on again. It had been over ninety degrees in my house many of those days that I didn’t have air conditioning. I know that having air conditioning is definitely a blessing and that many people don’t have air conditioning across the world, but when you are used to having it for so long and then don’t have it, it is hard. I am so glad that my house is nice and cool once again. I hope that I never have to go that long without air conditioning again. If that ever happens again, I am going to take my mom up on her offer and move in with her until my air conditioning is fixed because that was a rough month.

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