Having a nice air conditioner for our camper was a must

Having a nice air conditioner for our camper was a must.

Last summer, my husband and I decided to buy an old camper to go camping in.

We used to go tent camping, but we are just getting too old to go tent camping. I really miss those days, but we simply can’t do it anymore. Well, we went camping three times in the camper last summer, and it was a blast. The last camping trip was the most fun, but our air conditioner stopped working the second to last day. It was so hot in the camper after the air conditioner stopped working. Campers are like ovens. They keep in the heat very well. My husband and I actually ended up sleeping outside last night because it was so hot in the camper without air conditioning. We wanted to go camping this summer in our camper as well, but we knew that we could not go without air conditioning in that camper. We looked up some ideas online after finding out that we could not fix the camper’s air conditioning system. We decided to just bring a window air conditioning unit with us. We bought a nice window air conditioning unit, and took it with us for our first camping trip this year. It was so nice. The window unit actually cooled the camper better than the original air conditioning system that was in it. We had a blast, and we did not have to sleep outside this time. The camper was nice and cool. I even had to turn the air conditioner down a couple of times because it was too cool in the camper for my liking.


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