Is it necessary to get your HVAC unit a cover in winter?

You have probably heard about the debate on whether to cover your HVAC system n winter or not.

This has been a discussion that has been ongoing for years, and there never seems to be a consensus on what should happen.

A group argues that covering is necessary considering the amount of snow that falls on the unit. Covering may be helpful and minimize the possibilities of freezing, especially if there are pipes that penetrate outdoors. However, another group of HVAC professionals believes that HVAC units, especially outdoor units, need no covering. This is simply because they have been manufactured to withstand the harsh weather that comes with such homes, including overcoming storms. While it may be true, especially in yesteryears, covering the AC may be necessary for some instances. Depending on where you come from and the weather conditions in the area, you may be forced to cover the AC to [protect it from extreme weather conditions. However, before rushing to do this, speak to your HVAC technician and find out if it is really necessary. After all, you will be spending money to get the right cover unless you are doing a DIY project where the cost will be quite low. Since HVAC system technology has improved over the years, making the units longer lasting and more efficient, there is no way to make the system completely weatherproof. If your area is prone to constant storms and harsh winters, then you may want to consider installing a cover. However, it is best to work with an HVAC contractor that understands the procedure better since you do not want to cause any airflow restrictions.


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