Custom furniture for the cause

I constantly liked to go to auctions and antique shows with my aunt when I was younger! It was constantly nice to have something to do on the weekends! My favorite part about these shows was looking at all of the custom built furniture that was for auction.

In some way, it was creepy to look at all of the custom built furniture, then some of the custom built furniture was fit for dwarfs. I was constantly afraid of dwarfs, and my aunt and cousins knew this, they would constantly make sure to point out the small furniture that was custom built for dwarfs. The fact that it was small and old absolutely freaked me out. I have never quite understood why I was so afraid of dwarfs, although I constantly knew that I was not a fan of them. The small furniture gave me the creeps. I think this stems from me constantly seeing small people in motion pictures and just not liking the look of their miniature selves. I was constantly afraid that one might be resting in a small, custom built wooden chair in my closet. I remember one of these actions clearly. My aunt told us that there would be a lot of cool custom built train sets at the auction. That was constantly my favorite thing. I loved the custom built trains and cars, and my sibling loved the custom built chairs and tables, however when my buddy and I arrived, the first thing I observed was that there were dwarfs everywhere. I immediately asked to leave.


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