Upgrading electrical panel after my add on

I cherish that my household now can accommodate all our needs.

My household is perfect for one couple as well as two teenagers, however sadly my spouse as well as I have filled the rooms to the max, however my associate and I don’t share a room since we are not compatible. My spouse also needs a condo office as well as we have two children, the math doesn’t add up, however an addition was legitimately necessary in order to make everyone comfortable. My spouse wasn’t pleased about doing this replace. My associate and I had to substitute the size of our Heating and A/C equipment, i had to put in a second bathroom as well as change the septic system. Another change was the electrical. My associate and I needed to substitute our panel to accommodate the extra square footage as well as lights. The electrical panel substitute was drastically fancy but worth it. I didn’t realize how gross as well as old the previous panel was. It also wasn’t in a great spot… Now it is hidden behind a door, not full to the max, as well as modern looking. My associate and I also have recessed lighting in all our up-to-date rooms as well as it looks so classy. My spouse as well as I will be paying for our up-to-date addition for a long time, but it was worth it. I cherish that my household now can accommodate all our needs. It was legitimately important to me that our teenagers get their own study rooms as well. I feel they shouldn’t have to share if my spouse as well as I are not willing to. The office couldn’t have been nixed either since my spouse is in there most of his day. Thankfully an electrical panel substitute as well as recessed lighting was a straightforward service for additions in homes.

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