Office thermostat is broken again

When he was met with opposition, he deflected and didn’t answer any of our questions

I have been working in the same office building for about five years now. I really love my job and I know that many people can’t say that when they have been with a company for so long. However, for the past couple of months something has been going on in the office that is driving my crazy. Our new boss has decided that we aren’t allowed to upgrade the office thermostat this year. Every year our company gives us the option to upgrade the HVAC system to make the office more comfortable for the employees. Our previous boss would always upgrade the HVAC system without even asking for our opinion. However, this new boss sent out an email saying that even though the office thermostat was broken again that we weren’t going to upgrade the entire HVAC system. At first I thought this seemed like it might be reasonable, but I soon realized it was not. He told us that we needed to start dressing warmer for the office and that having the HVAC system upgraded each year was a waste of money. When he was met with opposition, he deflected and didn’t answer any of our questions. I am really starting to get frustrated with the HVAC issues in my office and if they don’t do anything soon I might just have to leave. Leaving my company is the last thing I want to do because I have not been this happy with my work in a long time. However, I can’t stand for these HVAC issues anymore!

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