Preparing Your Home For When An HVAC Technician Does A Service Check’

I was home for three days straight because I was snowed in.

I didn’t expect to have this much snow. The Meteorologist on the news said that we should receive about 6 inches of snow. However he was wrong, we ended up getting three feet of snow. I didn’t feel like shoveling or calling the plow to clear my driveway. So I decided to just stay in my house, relax and watch some Christmas movies. On the third day I was getting a little antsy. I was running out of food and Christmas movies to watch. I was on the couch about to get up when I heard a strange noise coming from my walls. I was a little startled by this noise because I had no idea what it was. I called my dad and told him about the noise. He told me that I should call my HVAC provider. I called my HVAC technician and he came over. With the 24/7 emergency service that is offered, it doesn’t matter what time or day it is, my HVAC technician will come and service my system. I was given a preparation checklist the last time my HVAC technician came to inspect my system. What I like to do is clear a path around the HVAC system for my technician so it makes his job easier. I even cleared a few of the items off of my walls in case it was my ductwork system. I also wrote a few notes down to give to my technician about the sound I heard and the last service date. My HVAC technician appreciates when I do this.


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