Oak furniture for my son’s room

I got on a wood furniture kick a while back, i am sick of all the new designs out there.

I don’t want black and white.

I do not want cold metals and harsh lines. I like the look of natural wood and warmer colors! Finding furniture that had an seasoned time look was impossible though. So I hunted around and found a custom furniture and interior design dealer. I had them reupholster my couch in an seasoned world fabric and design me some furniture pieces out of cherry wood, my home looks amazing. I splurged and had them do my son’s home office. I got a dresser, night stand and bench out of cherry wood for her home office. I prefer these pieces since I feel they will ast me a long time! Yes, I spent a boatload on them, but they are going to be forever pieces. I told my daughter that she can take them to college and eventually to her home if she wanted. If my daughter decides that she doesn’t want cherry furniture in her location, then it will be my guest room furniture. I am never going to throw it out. I always have people notice the cherry furniture and ask where I got it, but people prefer the fabric of my couch as well, and the custom furniture dn interior design business has been an amazing number to have stored in my PC. I am planning to go room by room and customize each space to a theme. I want all the wood furniture in my house.


Oak furniture for my son’s room

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