Increasing The Efficiency of My Home’s Heating and Cooling System

I recently moved to the south.

  • I used to live in the northeast and would experience a long winter with cold temperatures.

I always had to shovel my driveway and clear the snow off my car. When it was just one month of winter I was already sick of it. Thanks to a great job offer that I accepted, I can now go to the beach during the winter time. Now I don’t have to experience snow or brutal cold temperatures. However I’m not used to running my air conditioning unit almost all year. I purchased an older house and the system doesn’t seem very efficient. When I moved in I had to hire a few contractors to do some repairs for me. One of those contractors was hiring an HVAC technician to take a look at my HVAC system. What my HVAC technician told me so I could increase the efficiency of my AC unit was keeping up with the maintenance of the system since it’s older. He said I should replace my filters frequently and that my system will heat and cool more evenly if the blower is on. This allows air movement through my home. I was also told that since I live in a warmer climate I should close my blinds during the day to keep my house cool. For the past year I have been listening to his recommendations and I have seen a dramatic difference in the heating and cooling of my home. Not to mention my HVAC system is much more efficient than it used to be.


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