Being sizzling at a bridal shower party

Now is the time of year where my calendar is completely booked.

I am so busy when it comes to events such as: weddings, birthday parties and bridal showers.

A lot of the events are happening within the Spring and Summer time because of the expected nice and warmer weather. When you live in the northeast and warmer weather approaches people enjoy it and they plan everything around warmer temperatures. This is mainly because of how long our winters are and people dread having to experience cold temperatures for almost 6 months! This past weekend I was invited to a bridal shower party. It was a beautiful celebration. The food was amazing, the decorations were gorgeous and the soon to be bride was stunning! However the one thing that I wished was differently was the temperature. The temperature in the room started to become warmer as the afternoon went on. The sunshine was blazing through the windows and our table was right near a window. There was a small curtain that they had covering the window, but it did not help. A lot of the boys were complaining about the temperature and were joking around saying maybe it was their menopause! I told them that I was sizzling as well so my pal and I asked one of the staff members if they could open up some windows so air could circulate or turn on the air conditioning system for a little bit. The staff member agreed and went to his manager so he could get the ok to turn on the air conditioning system. About ten minutes later my pal and I were all comfortable with the new temperature and enjoying the bridal shower.

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