Ants cause water pump issues

I workout every day for approximately an hour, and i focus heavily on high-intensity aerobics to get my heart pumping as well as burn calories! One of my preferred workouts is running the trails near my home.

I head out early in the day to take luck of the coolest time of day as well as to have time to shower before work, a few afternoons ago, I ran despite the unusually high outdoor temperature as well as excessive humidity.

I was excited to work up a sweat. After a ten-mile jog, I was relieved to arrive back at home, stretch as well as cool down. I was distraught for a shower; Unfortunately, when I turned on the tap, there was no water, however not a drop of water poured out of the faucet; Living in the southern part of the country, the water pump is located outside. I inspected on it as well as realized that it wasn’t starting up. I called a local plumber, explained the situation as well as was promised a truck would arrive at the condo in approximately an hour. I was sizzling as well as gross as well as unhappy about waiting even ten minutes. The plumber who showed up was friendly, knowledgeable as well as super helpful, and she asked me to switch off the main breaker to the electricity as well as then removed a cover from a small mechanism linked to the water pump. She pointed out the nest of ants inside. Those ants were the reason for no water as well as my missing work. The plumber used a small piece of sand paper to unattach the ants as well as any corrosion of the wires. The had the problem fixed within twenty minutes.


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