Trying to maintain a house and take care of a newborn while trying to change the thermostat

Have you ever had a newborn baby in your house? If you have not, it is not a great experience.

This is especially true when you are the mother.

You are constantly going and doing a million things all at one time. The house is a mess, you have a crying baby and there is work that needs to get done. Comfort as a new mother is essential. However, I have been having issues with my thermostat lately. For some reason I will set the thermostat to a temperature of my choosing. Normally, it is pretty cool. When I go back later that day to look at the thermostat, it reads as a much higher temperature. I can feel that the house has not cooled down either. I have tried changing it several times and it never seems to change. I called my local HVAC technician to have him check this out. He told me that it is an efficiency problem with the HVAC unit. The system seems to overheat when working to maintain a house at that low of a temperature. To prevent itself from overworking it goes to a temperature in which it is able to maintain within the home. He gave my system a tune up. He actually replaced many parts that had seemed old and outdated. Once the job was finished I tested it out. I was able to change it accordingly. He told me to call him back if it did not work later in the day. Sure enough though, I never had to call him back. I was comfortable but I still had a lot to tend to in my house.
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