The lady scheduled the appointment for 2pm

On Tuesday morning, a residential customer called the HVAC supercenter to schedule a repair.

The residential customer was having problems with the blower.

The air conditioning system was running, but hardly any air was coming out of the ductwork. This type of problem can happen from time to time and sometimes the issues are with the HVAC system and sometimes the issues are with the ductwork. Problems with the ductwork can cause a lot of issues with the amount of air blowing through your home. When the duct work is dirty and full of lint and dust, there isn’t much room for air to pass through the ductwork. When the ductwork has holes and isn’t sealed properly, it can cause problems too. Thankfully problems with the ductwork are very easy to fix. I went to the residential customer’s address on Tuesday morning. I did some investigating and I performed a full system tune up. I did not find any problems with the blower or the motor. I believe that the issue was due to the ductwork. There were two places above the living area where the ductwork was not attached at all. A lot of dirt, dust, and air from outside was entering the closed network, causing problems. It took a couple of hours to fix all of the problems with the ductwork, but their customer was happy when we were finished with the job. She shouldn’t have any more issues with poor indoor air quality. I sealed up all of the holes that I could find. The ducting was in perfect shape when I was done.

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