The AC Wasn’t Working For the First 3 Innings

My best friend works for an amazing company that owns box seats for the home baseball team.

He’s always bragging about how amazing the seats are.

There’s unlimited food and drink, the view of the field is amazing, and the entire inside area has air conditioning. Usually, he attends the game with his wife, but when she was out of town one weekend, he finally asked me if I wanted to join. Of course I said yes! I was excited to see what these incredible box seats were like. On the afternoon of the game, I was excited to tag along. We took the elevator up to the room and when we walked inside, I was expecting to feel instant relief from the air conditioning. However, I didn’t feel the air conditioning and it felt like it wasn’t running at all. Instead, there were several portable fans spread throughout the inside of the box and the doors were open to the outside balcony. There were a few attendants maintaining the food and drinks, and they told us that the air conditioning wasn’t working properly. There were HVAC professionals working on the HVAC system right then and there, but they couldn’t guarantee when the AC would be running again. My friend and I sat on the balcony for the first 3 innings, but then the air conditioning started working again and we were able to move inside to cool off. My best friend was right, his company did have amazing seats! I hope he invites me back again, and hopefully the AC will be running the whole time.


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