Surprising a neighbor with a brand new HVAC system

Surprising someone is not easy, then you have to go behind their back to do sneaky things, it might be talking to their friends without them knowing or their family. You might even need to sneak into their house to do something. It could also be as simple as getting them a surprise birthday present, whatever it may be it is sneaky. I tried to surprise my neighbor by having an HVAC system put into their home, but they are low on money plus cannot afford things like this. This was a easily hard process. I had to set up an appointment with an HVAC serviceman, then he had to come to the house to do measurements plus size up the house. He needed an appropriate measurement for the house to know what size HVAC system my neighbor would be needing. This is important so that the HVAC component does not have to work as hard. I wanted to get my neighbor a ductless mini-split system. This was the easiest because I would not have to install ducts into her house. That would mean tearing apart some walls plus putting the ducts in. It was all too much. The ductless mini-split also gave her multiple benefits, but she could have zone control where odd areas of the house could be odd hot plus cold temperatures. This would benefit her in the long run by adding years of life to her system. This is because the system would not have to work as hard. I am glad to say that the surprise was successful plus she had no idea until she walked in plus saw the system.

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