My sons were playing a joke on me using the new smart temperature control

My family is a family full of jokesters. They cherish to make fun and play a prank whenever they see a nice opportunity. They got me genuinely nice this one time, however my associate and I had just installed a new temperature control. The old temperature control my friend and I had was an old dial one that just sat on the wall. These temperature control required you to turn it to the temperature you wanted. When my friend and I installed a new temperature control, my friend and I got one that was much more replaced than the last. My children knew much more than I did obviously. I am usually the one in charge of changing the temperature control. I would change it every day according to what the temperatures and humidity was like outside. I would not feel much of a change during the day though. I would walk over to the temperature control and it was absolutely higher than before. I changed it again thinking I was crazy. When I checked the temperature control later in the day again, it was colder than I had wanted! This was happening to me for quite a few afternoons. I was genuinely frustrated that this brand new temperature control was not working for us… As I was about to call the HVAC company my children stopped me. They told me they had been messing with me this entire time. With this new temperature control my friend and I have the ability to access the temperature control on our smart cellphones. I had no idea about this. As long as the wireless internet was connected to our cellphones my friend and I could change the temperature control as my friend and I gratified. They had been using this new HVAC technology to play a funny joke on me.

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