I Can’t Decide On a Smart Thermostat

I’ve been searching for a modern thermostat for 3 weeks. The one that’s currently hanging in my household is super aged. It’s a brass, dial thermostat that is actually finicky to change. I hate that I can’t pick a particular temperature for my cabin & that it’s easily taxing to learn the thermostat in the sunlight & in the dark. The only thing my outdated thermostat can do is turn on & off & change the temperature. This is what every thermostat is supposed to do, despite the fact that I wanted something more modern. I considered getting a programmable thermostat, however when I began studying reviews for smart thermostats, I knew I wanted to purchase one. If I was going to replace the thermostat, I wanted it to be the best of the best. There was no point in purchasing a cheaper thermostat, only to replace it in a few years anyway. Once I decided that I was going to install a smart thermostat, I began researching all the bizarre ones available. There were so several to choose from, & the reviews were all over the place; Just when I thought I found the perfect smart thermostat, there would be two or three downside reviews that made me rethink myself. I’ve been speaking to bizarre Heating & A/C professionals about smart thermostats & taking their suggestions, however it’s still a taxing decision! I do not want to spend a lot of currency on something I’m not going to utilize. It’s been 3 weeks, however I’m hoping to decide on one sooner rather than later.

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