We want to buy a new vacation home

My husband and I have had a vacation home for a long time now, and we have always vacationed at the beach.

  • Now, I am kind of tired of that and I want to buy another vacation home somewhere in the mountains.

I would love to get a place that has a great big wood burning fireplace with local rock for the mantle and chimney. We have been looking for a new place for a while now but we have not really had much luck yet. We have a realtor, and she knows that we really want a place with a wood burning fireplace. She’s on the lookout, but so far she has only found one place for us that would have worked. Well, it would have worked as far as the fireplace goes, but it was just way too small. We need to have three or four bedrooms and we just haven’t been able to find a place like that yet. I know that the right place will become available one of these days, but so far it hasn’t shown up yet. I would love to find a place with a fireplace, four bedrooms, and radiant heated flooring. The radiant heated flooring is just wishful thinking, though. I haven’t seen very many houses around here at all with radiant heated flooring at all. I think that if we find a place with a wood burning fireplace and four bedrooms, we will just buy it. We can always add some radiant heated flooring later on once we have moved in.

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