Waiting for 30 more minutes and cooling down

I am in my cozy flat right now finishing up my work for the day.

I will buy food soon and then come home for a nap and a little bit of the yoga mat session.

Today is an easy day as I rest my body after a long weekend of fun time with friends. I was singing in bands, playing beach volleyball in heated games, and going on hikes with some long lost friends. I guess you could call that a good weekend right? I had a lot of fun but now my body is tired and is cooling down a bit with some much needed rest inside my air conditioned flat. I live in a really good spot in town and am really close to the sea, which is cool considering I only work about 15 hours a week to keep up this type of lifestyle. My HVAC company boss pays me well to work on heat pumps and basically run the store for him when he is out of town. I could actually trim it down to ten hours a week if I didn’t spend so much money at restaurants or bars drinking a beer with my friends. But the extra five hours at the HVAC company is no big deal because my HVAC tech coworkers are also my volleyball friends. We chat about volleyball and crypto, and everything else under the sun, and have a blast almost all day long at work. I work in the HVAC warehouse where I open boxes for furnaces and space heaters and take them out.

Air conditioning filter

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