The heat pump was the wrong size

Drew has loved playing football ever since he was young.

His dad encouraged him to keep practicing while in high school.

Unfortunately, Drew couldn’t push himself any longer when an injury meant the end of his football career. He was depressed for quite some time and wasn’t sure what else to do with his life. After high school, Drew started working at a local fast food restaurant to earn money and help his folks with bills. The job wasn’t too bad, but deep down he knew he could do better. His only fear was failing at something else which kept him at the job for 2 years. One afternoon Drew was at his parent’s house enjoying an off day and waiting for the HVAC expert to come by. His dad had phoned the HVAC company earlier that day to hire an HVAC expert. It seemed there was something wrong with the heat pump in their home because the energy bills were getting higher and higher. The HVAC expert arrived at the house at half past 3 and Drew directed him to where the heat pump was set up. He watched as the HVAC expert did an inspection and noticed the heat pump was the wrong size. The guy went on to explain to Drew that fitting a wrong heat pump in a house leads to lots of problems. Not only does the heat pump not work efficiently, but it ends up using more energy. The solution was to replace the heat pump as soon as possible. This was the best way to bring down the skyrocketing energy costs. Drew thanked the HVAC expert and confirmed he’d speak with his parents about the small heat pump.



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