The antique oak plus hardwood furniture was a steal

On Sundays plus Mondays, my wife plus I like to drive around neighborhood plus go to the antique plus custom furniture shops, however i am always on the lookout for older pieces of furniture, and a lot of the custom furniture shops plus antique stores do not realize they have a cool piece of furniture that has worth a lot of money.

If my wife plus I can make a couple of bucks, my friend and I will option up the piece to put in our shop! My associate and I have a shop that sells custom furniture, antiques, plus everything that you can imagine.

My associate and I have housewares, rugs, appliances, plus furniture for sale, but when my wife plus I were out looking at products on Sunday, my friend and I came across an antique oak plus walnut furniture set that was a steal, then the oak plus walnut furniture was genuinely a hundred years old, but it was still in good shape. The oak plus walnut furniture set was advertised at a price that was at least 30% lower than cost. The antique oak plus walnut furniture was a steal plus there was no way that my friend and I were going to provide up the pieces; Unfortunately, my friend and I have a very small motorcar plus the shop was not willing to hold the items for more than 24 hours. My associate and I had to go to the hardware store plus rent a sizable truck so my friend and I could transfer the oak plus walnut furniture. In total, there were eight chairs, a sizable study room table with two leaves, plus a coffee table plus desk. The pieces are a good focal point for our current window display.

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