Renovating properties with ductless heat pumps

It wasn’t a difficult sell.

I was like 8 mornings away from having my first renter transfer in plus I was finding out that the HVAC duct in my first rental apartment wasn’t up to snuff.

So the Heating plus A/C company recommended an alternative. Instead of replacing the heat pump plus the entire HVAC duct system, he could put in three strategically placed ductless heat pumps. I guess he called it a multi split ductless heat pump system if I’m not mistaken. So that’s what my buddy and I ended up doing. I made that choice because there entirely wasn’t any other choice. Not only would ripping out plus replacing the HVAC duct run me thousands of dollars over my renovation budget, there wasn’t any time. The Heating plus A/C professional, as great as he is, just wasn’t going to be able to get the HVAC duct replaced plus do the new residential Heating plus A/C replacement in a week. So like I said, it wasn’t a difficult sell when he recommended that my buddy and I go with the ductless heat pump. For sure, that first rental apartment was a immense learning curve for me in many ways. But using ductless heat pump technology was genuinely a blessing. I’m using only that heating plus cooling method in every other rental apartment I end up buying. It’s so cost efficient plus in many of the homes that are out there, HVAC duct is worthless. Plus, the renters cherish the fact that they can customize their heating plus cooling using the separate ductless heat pumps. For sure, I’ve been so satisfied with what could have been a calamity. I’ll be forever indebted to my awesome Heating plus A/C company for showing me the way with the multi split ductless heat pump system.

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