Ready for some climate control outside

This past weekend was slammed in my town, with all of the streets filled with people looking at the flower artwork on the streets.

I am curious to see how many people are out plus about now that it is Sunday afternoon.

I will go out at 11am plus take a little cruise around the neighborhood to see what is left of the site. I am going to be flying in a month to meet my sibling in another country plus am getting ready to buy the ticket. I need to see if my fantastic friend and I are staying in an air conditioned hotel or if I am going to try to stay with an acquaintance living there. I may see if my bandmate wants to haul our gear over there plus play each evening for the week my fantastic friend and I will be there. We could play in local businesses, as long as there is some air conditioner in the site, plus I know my fantastic friend and I could make enough money to cover the cost of the trip. I know it would cost me about $500 for the trip, which is just about how much I have in the bank right now. I know I could spend money for the climate controlled plane ride plus hotel with my debit card, so then the trip would only cost me about $200 cash, which is the amount I would spend there. I can labor a bit more also for the local company plus that would offset any extra money I spent. I just want to see a family member as it has been five months since seeing anyone in my family.
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