Our addition this year depends on the HVAC situation

We think that we are going to put an addition on our house this year, but it all kind of comes back down to the HVAC situation.

We keep trying to plan to get the addition put on, and there are a lot that we have to do first. We have to get a lot of different permits and we have to make sure that all of the materials are going to be here in time before we get started. I’m kind of nervous about the whole thing because we have never put an addition to our house before. This is going to be one of the biggest projects that we have ever done. I have read a lot about how people get into lots of big fights whenever they are trying to work on a big housing project. I just don’t want my husband and I to fight all the time about this. However, the addition really depends on the HVAC situation at this point. We are going to have to purchase a huge HVAC system to be able to take care of the heating and cooling load that we will end up with once the addition is done. Right now, I’m doing some research to try and figure out which HVAC system we should get. The one that we have in the house right now is just way too small and we are definitely going to have to get a larger one. We are going to need to get some kind of massive air conditioning system because it gets really hot here during the summer.



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