One more hour of cooling and heating writing

It is finally Friday and my good friend and I are gearing up for a big weekend in the neighborhood here.

It is exploding with people and the temps are exploding as well, pushing Springtime into the rearview mirror never to be seen again.

The giant celebration will go for five more afternoons and then this neighborhood will be quiet once again. But in two weeks when June comes around the place will be packed with a steady flow of people for two months. I need to decide if I want to go meet my brother in another country next month and escape here. A weather conditions controlled ride in a plane shouldn’t be that awful and with the media air cleaner they have nowadays I shouldn’t be upset about catching any colds. But still, I am not into flying and may just see if he wants to come here and visit me. This local company is having Tom Jones come to do a concert in their air conditioned concert hall, which holds at most 500 people, and my brother would enjoy seeing the old guy in action. I’m not sure how old Tom is now even though he must be pushing 70, which would be cool to see in itself. Playing in air conditioned and heated clubs when you are 70 years old seems like a pretty cool life to me, so going to see him with my Heating and Air Conditioning expert brother would be a fantastic memory. I believe time will tell what happens and if I will travel to see him or not, but hopefully I don’t need to fly.

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