Nine new relationships heating up

My throat is a bit hoarse today plus that is without singing at all this last evening. I need to rest my larynx a few afternoons plus let it recover from all of the harm I did to it a few afternoons ago. I must have also definitely been belting out some notes for my throat to feel the way it does, but my fantastic friend and I did get some fantastic music recorded so I guess it was worth the pain. My throat hurts on the outside plugs not the inside like you would think. I guess the strain made the muscles sore, so cooling down my throat is actually a fantastic idea, as my heating plus air conditioning rep friend also told me last week. She said to put a bucket of frozen peas on my throat to help soothe the muscles plus get it back to fantastic again. I definitely know cooling down the whole body is a must at this point after playing ball beside this local company on the beach last evening. I had such a blast though plus am still seeing some of the plays my fantastic friend and I had in my mind when I knew back in the evening. The other heating plus air conditioning techs who play have definitely become fantastic friends of mine, as sports can bring strangers together with the strong bond that sports can create, heating up new relationships abruptly with the close contact people have when playing the sport in the sand. I’ve had some total strangers that are now fantastic friends of mine, which is why I simply love the sport so much. I wish you luck today!


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