My mother’s air conditioner broke on the hottest day of the year

Why does the HVAC unit always break down at the most inopportune time? Like on the coldest day of the Winter or the hottest day in the Summer.

This happened to my mom last week and it took 3 days before an HVAC technician was able to fix her unit.

Luckily, I live close by, so she was able to come and stay with me during that time. We were in the middle of a heatwave and the temperature outside was almost 100 degrees. And her indoor temperature was a warm and humid 85 degrees. Of course, this would be uncomfortable for anyone to live in, and my mom didn’t have a fan, which could’ve helped to alleviate the heat. Anyway, when she contacted her HVAC provider, the representative told her that they were dealing with high volumes of calls due to the heatwave, and it could take up to a week for them to fix the unit. After she chatted with the HVAC provider, she contacted me to tell me what was happening. I tried to contact my HVAC technician to see if he was able to fix her unit sooner. Unfortunately, he was facing the same high volume of calls. Apparently, the air conditioners were breaking down for a lot of folks due to the heat. Well, at that point, it made no sense for my mom to remain in her home in that sweltering heat. As luck would have it, after the second day of her staying with me, my HVAC technician was able to fit her HVAC unit into his schedule. After 3 days of staying with me, my mom was able to return to a comfortable home with a working air conditioner.

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