Last cooling article I'm going write

I will knock this last one out and then head to that bike store to drop $50 on some modern brake calipers.

I am hoping they have these different parts that I need for the brake handle so I don’t have to buy a whole new one.

The guy at the shop seems to want company so maybe he will help me out with this part that I am missing. I would have to buy a whole new brake handle and that would cost me another twenty five bucks or so if the local company sells it to me. I bet the new corporation that works there will have the piece I need so I don’t need to go to another local corporation to buy it. Then I will have a fully functioning bike again and my bike rides will be a bit more enjoyable. I got the bike from a cooling supplier friend of mine and the thing has held up well considering I ride it to the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier far away where I work each morning. I like riding a bike instead of driving a car though because it is a lot more fantastic to get around the neighborhood without having to deal with the traffic. My Heating and Air Conditioning corporation friend goes riding a lot and I want to join him for some cool weather up in the mountains with that nice breeze my fine friend and I get. I know this weekend would be a fine time to head up there so I need to give him a call and see if he wants to go.



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