I use my ceiling fan more than I do my central air conditioner

Last summer, my sister Marley purchased a ceiling for me. During a visit to her house, I fell in love with the ceiling fan that she had installed in her bedroom. It was a very stylish fan that used a remote to control it. I also liked the fan because she mentioned that it helped to save money on her energy bill. In this day and age, where the price of everything increases by the day, I am always searching for ways to save money. So, I welcomed the gift of the ceiling fan in hopes that it would also save me some money on my energy bill. The fan arrived at my house at the end of Spring, so I had it installed just in time for the summer. Well, during the first month, I used the fan along with my central air conditioner and I noticed that on some nights it made my room too cold. As a result, I lowered the temperature on my thermostat, and it was then that I realized a slight decrease in my energy bill. For the rest of the summer, I kept adjusting the thermostat to try to find the best temperature for a good night of rest. You know that sweet spot where the room is not too cold but cold enough where you need to get under the covers. Once I discovered that ideal temperature for my central air conditioner, I set my thermostat that way for the rest of the summer. I am happy to report that although I won’t get rich from the savings on my energy bill, it’s good to know that I can use my central air conditioner less and save a little bit of money each month.

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