I needed a expertiseable business to handle my commercial plumbing needs

Plumbing is a particularly important part of any laundromat or laundry service station, and i own six laundromats throughout the county, last year I found out that my number one commercial plumbing business was going to close doors and sell their business to a competitor. I was absolutely horrified to hear the information. I had been using the business for years and years and I was worried to hear that they were going to have to close down their doors for the first time in more than 40 years… The owner of the business gave me the news directly and I was not pleased to find out that I would need to look for a current business to handle all of my commercial plumbing needs. The owner gave me the name of the business that was going to take over operations, he told me a little bit about the business and promised they would be able to give the same great service and low prices as he was offering. The plumbing business owner assured me that the current owner was just as committed to service and value as he was. I went online to look at their website. I was particularly curious about the current plumbing business. I knew it was necessary to have a expertiseable business with experience that could handle my commercial plumbing needs. The website for the current provider was set up nicely with lots of information that I found to be useful. Looking at the website made me feel more secure in my decision to use the plumbing business that took over operations for that aged clothing business.

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