I like being married to an HVAC technician

Most of the time, I really like being married to an HVAC technician.

My husband has a really great job at one of the local commercial heating and cooling companies here in town and he really loves the people that he works for.

He has never really stressed out about going to work, and most of the time he really loves his job. Having a husband who really loves his job is a major thing in life, I have come to learn. Most of my friends really hate their jobs, and they are always complaining about the fact that their husbands are miserable all the time. My husband is just not like that. He says that he never really dreads going to work. Most of the time, he is even allowed to choose his own schedule at the HVAC company. I think that’s because he has been working there for a lot longer than anyone else. He has been there ever since he got his HVAC certification almost twenty-five years ago. He knows just about everything that there is to know about heating and cooling systems, especially when it comes to commercial heating and cooling systems. I think that the owners at the HVAC company are really happy to have my husband working there for them. They know how much all of the customers like my husband. They are always calling to request him as their HVAC technician. It’s nice that he is thought of so highly at work, but I also love the fact that he always keeps the HVAC system at our house in great shape, too.


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