Heat pumps continue to impress

When I moved back to where I came from, it came with a whole new respect for the heat pump.

  • Growing up down south meant that I got my fair share of Heating & Air Conditioning cooling over the years.

I grew up in a home that had central air conditioner as the vast majority of homes did back then. But while I can remember how great it felt to walk inside the air conditioner after having been outside all day, I took the heat pump for granted. Being a kid, I know that can be excused a bit. Nothing much mattered to me however my bike, my cat & my parents back then. But even as I grew up, I just totally took the quality heating & air I received from the heat pump as almost a right. Well, I got some Heating & Air Conditioning karma on that one. Once I finished school, I was provided a prime position with one of the better firms on my list. That task also came with a relocation to the far reaches of the north. And of course, that was my first introduction to what a real winter time was life. I was also getting Heating & Air Conditioning heating from a gas boiler for the first time. It was such a dramatic change that I was almost sort of traumatized to be honest. But my work was starting & that’s what was most crucial to me at the time. After more than a decade of those winters, I was so happy to come back to my home region with a new position in a new office. And I was so unquestionably glad to be able to cherish having the heat pump back in my life.

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