Having fun with my air purifier

Today is going to be a day at home kind of day for me, as my body is tired and my voice needs a rest. I’ve been chasing fun my whole life and it has done a number on my body, but Lordy Lordy do I have some fun memories from the past half century or so. I’ve broken lots of bones and had teeth knocked out, among a ton of dislocated joints to boot, but I have some stories I could tell you. I almost died though chasing fear when I jumped out of an airplane one time. heating and cooling work are much safer than falling 200 feet per second toward the earth, so now I gave up skydiving for HVAC technology work and it has probably saved my life. I have a daredevil tattoo on my back and if a coroner sees this tattoo after I did something stupid he will know why my life ended abruptly. My HVAC specialist friend told me to slow down so I can see my older years and so I can keep doing work for the local contractor. It’s funny because my nephews and nieces will call me to check and see if I am doing okay and that I haven’t beaten myself up doing some dumb stunt. I do want to keep working for the new contractor doing my ductwork cleaning jobs, but I need to satisfy this craving for excitement without putting myself in the ground just yet. Live life but do it in a way that preserves your body as best as you can.


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