Everyone should have a smart control unit

So there are going to be some extra goodies on our end of Summer vacation this year.

When you live where I do, end of Summer has to unusual meaning.

Traditionally, end of Summer is when the youngsters go back to university at the end of October or after Labor Day. And in many parts of the country, that’s when the heat starts to let up a bit as well. That’s not the case where my buddy and I live. My buddy and I have the a/c jamming certainly through most if not all of October. Plus, my buddy and I don’t have youngsters so end of Summer vacation for us comes the first week of October. And it’s consistently such a unbelievable time for us. My buddy and I travel north for a morning’s drive to a nifty spot in the mountains where my buddy and I love perfect weather on a attractive lake. There is also golf and some of the best eating establishments I’ve ever enjoyed in my life. But this year, we’re going to be having some extras because we’re about to save some extreme cash on our a/c bill. Where my buddy and I live, one is consistently on top of saving as much as possible on the a/c costs. That means sealing up the house, pulling the curtains and keeping the control unit near or above 80 during the peak heating hours of the morning. But the HVAC professionals just installed a smart control unit last month. My buddy and I only have June to go by however my buddy and I are already saving more than 20 percent on cooling costs over last year. So I’ll be getting the certainly unbelievable bottle of Scotch to take with us to the mountains, then or I might even make it two with the savings from the smart control unit.


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