Air purification is part of the plan

So I’m not almost 2 full years into my commitment to regaining my health.

And I’ve marked the milestones along the way with treats for myself.

Actually, it’s certainly been my partner and I who have teamed together in our commitment to better health. So this Summer, my buddy and I are enjoying the best indoor air quality of our lives thanks to the whole home whole-house air purifier my buddy and I had installed! This thing sits inside the HVAC equipment in our garage. It uses ultraviolet light to destroy all the indoor air contaminants that pass through the air filter. For sure, this is the cleanest air my buddy and I can get… When my buddy and I first started out with taking our health back, my buddy and I knew that it was going to be a giant task, my buddy and I were both 50 and head spent the better part of a decade on our butt enjoying the central a/c… Neither of us had been giant exercisers in our youth so my buddy and I became fairly sedentary in our late 30’s and all through our 40’s. Being professionals and having a family also put plenty of stress on our available time. So my buddy and I didn’t eat all that well either. So when my buddy and I started all this, my buddy and I made sure that my buddy and I gave ourselves props along the way. My buddy and I bought exercise equipment after going walking outside of the a/c every morning that first Summer. And before longe, my buddy and I were able to buy modern clothes as my buddy and I slimmed down. Now, my buddy and I are in the best shape of our lives and just want to keep it going with having the best indoor air quality my buddy and I can have. Air purification supplies all the healthy air my buddy and I need every morning.


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