Air conditioners can help with allergy symptoms

Recently, my sister Sasha sent me a frightening image of herself.

She woke up with her eyes swollen and sealed shut.

Turns out, she has a major allergic reaction and had no clue what happened. At first, she thought it was caused by the HVAC unit inside her home. My sister isn’t alone as many people believe that the HVAC unit can cause colds as well as allergy symptoms. And while the HVAC unit can create an atmosphere where allergens can build up inside the home, the unit doesn’t directly cause the symptoms of a cold or allergies. Most pollen is brought into the home from clothing and perhaps from pets. So, the air conditioner doesn’t pull in the pollen from the outside. The best way to avoid any issues with an HVAC unit is to make sure that the air filter is changed every 90 days. Changing the air filter will improve the air quality inside the home because it can help to remove some of the pollen that is brought into the home. With proper maintenance, the air conditioner can help with allergy symptoms. Allergy sufferers must do their due diligence to make sure that pollen isn’t brought into their home. As for my sister, the day before she woke up with swollen eyes, she was at a local park. So, I believe she was covered with pollen that she wasn’t aware of. All in all, she can rest assured that her HVAC unit had very little to do with her allergic reaction.

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