A nice apartment plus a/c

A nice apartment is a fantastic thing, but when it is the sole focus of your happiness then it may not bring complete happiness… I know because I was doing this same thing.

I would labor at a job that didn’t satisfy me plus then try to update plus buy things for my home, thinking that it would satisfy me plus make me happy, but all those new things didn’t make me feel pleased deep down plus I was always longing for more.

Eventually, I sold my apartment and then I opted to pursue the performing arts in air conditioned clubs around the country plus the world, plus this change made this local company owner a lot happier… A new cement countertop is great, but it pales in comparison to entertaining a group of lively travelers from around the world plus attaching with them through laughter. I now play music beside a crackling fireplace in a ski household plus make fun music while my fantastic friend and I are all heating up beside the fire. I used to know a new swimming pool would make me happy, but now I know that it is about creating something particular plus attaching with people that will bring me lasting joy. I still do my heating plus cooling labor for the local company, but now I don’t come to my apartment and simply stare at my new study room thinking it’ll make me happy. I live in a straight-forward plus small flat now plus I chose to rent instead of owning so I can focus my energy on things that are larger than a new media whole-house air purifier or study room sink.
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