A morning of money massacre with business cooling down

Last night I was sitting pretty with my local supplier at 49 cents a share and this morning I woke up to a slap in the face of 28 cents a share, haha, what a rollercoaster this investing thing is. A neighbor of mine lost $67K last night with the dive as he has like 300K and shares. Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing you lost about $71K while you slept, ouch! I am down about $3500 and it still hurts, but losing $71K would make me want to just stay in bed for the week. Air conditioning would be running all morning to keep me cool while I sobbed in bed about all the Heating and Air Conditioning tech savings I lost. But money is always coming and going and you can’t get too attached to it. I need to focus on my climate controlled plane ride I may be taking in a few weeks to meet my heating tech brother in turkey. He is going on a four country trip, spending five afternoons in each one, which is just a bit too much traveling for me. I don’t like to be in air conditioning cooled airports and aircrafts all the time as they seem to be cooling them down a bit too much for my taste. But I would like to see my bro, so maybe I will go to one of the countries for five afternoons to hang out with him. Turkey seems like I’d need a mini split air conditioning component wherever I go because I know it has been heating up a lot there lately.

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