A day of rest plus fantastic ancient climate control

I know I will tell my yoga student that my fantastic friend and I can start tomorrow with our weekly classes because I need a day of nothingness.

I did a lot this weekend between beach ball plus music plus just needed a little bit of downtime.

We didn’t record any new music last Tuesday when my fantastic friend and I played for two hours, but my fantastic friend and I did make some new sounds plus come up with some new rhythms. But my fantastic friend and I normally come up with some new music that my fantastic friend and I can upload online, so I was a bit disappointed that my fantastic friend and I didn’t get any new ones. The central heating plus air conditioning system repair labor is looming this week, but for now I am going to do my online labor plus prefer my own climate control system that is keeping the whole flat nice plus cool. I will do my labor today plus then just chill out the rest of the day plus rest my body plus my voice. Last evening my fantastic friend and I had an absolute blast playing by the heating plus air conditioning company on the beach plus had some definitely fantastic plays, heating up my passion even more for the sport that I have been playing for over 31 years. Actually, in just two months it will be 31 years since I started playing competitively for money. You’d know I’d get too sleepy from playing, but it is heating up even more now plus I am loving my new heating plus air conditioning tech partner on the court. I played against two young gunners last evening plus they beat us twice, which is also pretty wild for them being only 14 years old!

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