All HVAC repairs in my house are catered for by the landlord

Living in an organized apartment comes with several pros & cons.

Since the other alternative is to reside in a dorm for a few years.

On a sincere note, ‘d rather live in a condo any time. I have pals that live in different kinds of housing setup and they would never choose an apartment because they don’t come with a backyard and neither do they have a garage. Besides that, I still like how apartments have amenities that most of the other houses don’t. So unless you find a condo that comes with a pool or are comfortable paying to have one installed, you may not find a condo and may end up moving around random condos in town. I live in a condo complex that not only comes with a swimming pool and it also comes with a gym. Additionally, if there is anything wrong with the apartment building, you can always call the office to have someone sent over to fix it. The right thing about residing in a condo is not having to worry about paying to get your plumbing, or even the a/c fixed. All you need to do is call the condo office to handle all requests. Either way, I still need to have the a/c fixed. The heating & cooling contractors once called will be there the next day. While this opinion is not applicable for all condos, the one that I live in isn’t that bad. It’s way better than living in a rental unit and signing a binding agreement that makes you responsible for all things. Some landlords will demand that renters get to pay for the plumbing repairs/services.



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