Air purification is the secret to improved allergy

If you have struggled with health issues all your life then you know how hard it can be.

  • Such concerns started for my son starting from when he was diagnosed to have irregular heartbeats when as a little kid.

He had to stay monitored when sleeping so my husband and I had to take turns to monitor his heart using a special tool. After this was addressed, he developed kidney disease. He started struggling with kidney stones which broke my heart as he struggled with pain.. By the time he was 17, he was dealing with numerous kidney stones yearly. We took him for surgery which lessened his pain in his 20s. Now all he struggles with is sinus and respiratory allergies. He works and lives in a dusty region meaning that it is actually very difficult to control all the dust that gathers. The only thing I’m grateful for is that he has purifiers that have been very instrumental. They run all day and night, cleaning up the air indoors and ensuring that all allergens are drawn into them. All he has to do is change the filters regularly once they are clogged. Regardless of the cost of updating filters, he keeps using his air cleaners because of the benefit they have towards his health and how they improve his dust sensitivity symptoms. He can take inhalers & nasal sprays or use dust sensitivity medications in areas where he cannot control the use of air cleaners but has to be there despite the effect of the allergens on his respiratory & sinus health. It’s also great knowing that he can turn on the air purifier/cleaner and feel comfortable plus all of the contaminants in my section getting pulled straight into the machine. My son has three separate air cleaners in different areas of his dwelling space and they run at all times.

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