Should I tell the HVAC technician I hit his service van?

I was backing into a parking space at the grocery store, when I heard a loud crunch.

I got out of my car and realized I had backed into an HVAC service van.

No one was around to see what I had done, and I wondered if I should wait outside so I could tell the HVAC technician I had hit his service van. If nobody saw me, I could pull out of the parking space and move to another one. No one would know I had hit the HVAC service van. I briefly considered this option, but then I dismissed it. I was getting ready to put a note on the service van when I realized the HVAC technician was sitting in the service van watching me. He startled me when he asked how much damage I had to my car. I hadn’t even considered my car because I was too busy thinking about how I was going to handle the HVAC technician when he found out someone had run into his service van. I smiled and told him my car would be fine, and I blurted out that I was planning on putting a note on the service van until I saw him sitting there. He said he had just finished calling the HVAC company. He wanted to let them know someone had hit the service van in the parking lot, but he was going to complete the job in the store before heading back to the office.I offered to call the police, but no one was injured and the van was driveable. We exchanged information, and he was going to talk to the HVAC company owner when he got back.



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