My aunt didn’t have air conditioner in his house

I never understood how my aunt could live on his property during the summer, Mom told me he didn’t have an air conditioner! Despite his sibling’s request, he never had an air conditioner installed! He kept putting it off, and when his mother’s sibling died, he didn’t think it was worth it.

  • I was curious as to what he did that put his own comfort ahead of his wife’s.

Mom said he was a gardener who was always outside. When he entered the house with the shades drawn, it was so cold that he shivered. He tried to explain what had happened to my aunt, but he didn’t understand. She abandoned him years before he died, but he only relocated. He lived with her during the winter, but they lived apart during the summer. Mom never fully grasped the relationship, but he insisted that it worked for them and that neither of them had to be uncomfortable. I’m overjoyed, Mom, and Mom doesn’t live like this. I wondered if I’d still be here if they hadn’t. Because Mom works for a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier, our heating and cooling are always perfect, and we never have to worry about it being too hot or too cold. Mom plans to open a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier next year. I’m hoping to attend college and become his first Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman. After a few years of working for him, I might approach Mom and inquire if he had ever considered adding & Son to the sign in front of the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. When the time came, my pal and I could make an excellent team.


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