I wanted a whole property air purification system

Even before COVID-19, I had been attempting to persuade my partner to install a whole-house air purification system. He could never understand how he could justify the cost of an air purification system. He claimed it was an extra air filter in the system. It would be the same if they could install HEPA air filters in our boiler and A/C unit, but no one wanted to do that. He told me that they told him our heating and cooling system was too old and that a HEPA air filter would not fit. If air purification was so wonderful, why didn’t it come standard with all Heating and Air Conditioning systems? I definitely saw something in what he said about it being pre-installed, but we didn’t have air purification installed in our Heating and Air Conditioning system. His welder did not come with a helmet, but he purchased one. What is the distinction? The air purification system was an optional extra that could have saved me a lot of grief during the COVID-19 crisis. I was constantly worried about my partner and teenagers getting the virus and dying on me. I was worried I’d get it and then be unable to care for my teenagers. He went out and bought me a portable air cleaner. I shook my head and told him it was too little, too late. He apologized and said that as soon as we had more money, he would look into purchasing the whole-house air purification system. My friend and I would have to wait a little longer so he could save some money.


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