Fixing the heating unit on my own

I entirely wanted to maintain the Heating and A/C system at my house myself when it tore up last month.

I am on a mission to get out of debt and paying for extravagant heater maintenance is not an enjoyable way to help with that, that’s for sure! If it had happened a month later, I would have just let it go and not repaired the heater until next fall.

However, around here, the weather does not even start heating up until the end of March. I knew that there was no way that I would be able to live separate from a working heater until then because I still had about nine weeks to go before the temperatures started creeping up. I observed that the heater wasn’t working correctly one day when I woke up and I could basically see my breath in the house. It was so chilly that I finally ended up turning the electric space heater that I keep for emergencies on in the living room while I got ready for work. I never use that thing, but it’s a good thing that I had it that day. The temperature was in the 40s that day, and with the wind chill in our area it felt a whole lot colder than that! Anyway, I figured out later that the heater was on the blink, and as difficult as I tried to maintain the issue myself, I could not figure it out. I finally called to make an appointment with my local heating and cooling supplier because it just had to be done.


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