The hospital room was more cozy than my apartment

My office has a softball team and during the Springtime we play against some of the other company teams in the area.

My office has a pretty great track record of being a one of the best ball teams in the city.

We have a second base woman that truly played ball for 2 years in the pros, she tore her MCL and was out of the game for a long time. She went to school to earn her MBA and now she works with me. We were all out playing ball last Thursday when I broke my leg, then I went up for a fly ball in the outfield and I jumped high into the air. I came down wrong on my ankle and I felt something in my leg crack. I have never been in so much pain in my entire life. I thought I was going to pass out and maybe I did a couple of times, and the coach had to call 911 to come pick me up and they took me to a hospital. The doctor had to set my leg. I was in the hospital for a couple of mornings because of the surgery. During our time in the hospital I stayed in a cozy hospital room. I was by myself in a private room and I had a big screen tv, private shower, and all the hospital food I could eat! When I was hungry I could call room service. I can also adjust the uneven temperatures to anything that I want. I had a thermostat control button on the bed so I did not even have to get up. The hospital room was more cozy than my apartment. I had the A/C set at 66 degrees the whole time I was there.


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